Greetings from the President

It is my great pleasure and honor as the director of the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery in Toranomon Hospital to be appointed to organize the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society. The Meeting will be held at the Prince Park Tower Tokyo from 4th (Mon.) to 6th (Wed.) of July, 2016. The Japan Esophageal Society (JES) is based on the Japanese Society for Esophageal Diseases founded in 1965 and reorganized as JES in 2003 as more official nation-wide Society with its own Journal, “Esophagus”. I now feel the great responsibility of being Congress President because JES is the main platform for those who are interested in esophageal diseases in this country.

Although the function of the esophagus is rather quiet, once it is lost or disordered, one's QOL is badly damaged, and its restoration is usually very difficult. Esophageal diseases have been and are still lying down in front of us as high walls to get over. It is crucial to join the knowledge and power of all the related divisions of clinical and basic medicine. Nowadays, the necessity of much wider collaboration of medical workers not only doctors but also nurses, physical therapists, laboratory technicians, dietitians, clinical psychologists, clinical research coordinators, etc. is recognized. Such ideal organization should be something like orchestra. What we need is not the fragments of information but well-organized knowledge and wisdom.
The main slogan of the 70th Annual Meeting of JES is “Invitation to Symphony of Esophagology”, and the sub-slogan is “from Information to Knowledge”.

I started my carrier as a surgeon at Toranomon Hospital just after my graduation from medical school. At Toranomon Hospital, I had been trained in the ideal environment under the mentorship of Dr. Hiroshi Akiyama and Dr. Masahiko Tsurumaru. Dr. Akiyama organized the 30th Meeting of Japanese Society for Esophageal Diseases, and Dr. Tsurumaru organized the 60th Meeting of JES. I feel some happy but strange fate in the chance I was given to organize the 70th Meeting of JES.

We are going to develop the joint program of International (particularly Asian) doctors on the treatment of esophageal diseases which was started by Prof. Ozawa, the President of the 69th Meeting. We would like to organize a meeting which can fulfill the wide range of inquisitiveness of the Society members. However, we believe that what are most important are the earnest messages and presentations, active and enthusiastic discussion by the participants to make the 70th Meeting really fruitful with knowledge and wisdom. We cordially ask for and look forward to the participation in the 70th Annual Meeting of JES of all the society members and non-members who are interested in esophageal diseases.

  • Harushi Udagawa, M.D.
    President of the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society
    Vice President, Head of Gastroenterological Surgery, Toranomon Hospital
  • Harushi Udagawa, M.D.
These dolls playing various musical instruments represent various specialists getting together to make harmony of Esophagology. They are my souvenir to Dr. Akiyama for my first lecture trip abroad. It was a trip to Bolivia as a surrogate of Dr. Akiyama and Dr. Tsurumaru. They have been kept importantly by the family of Dr. Akiyama.

Event Outline

July 4 (Mon) - July 6 (Wed), 2016

Educational Seminar 2016 (The 70th Annual Meeting of the Japan Esophageal Society Educational Seminar)
July 4 (Mon), 2016
The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
Congress President
Harushi Udagawa
(the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Toranomon Hospital)
Congress Theme
Invitation to Symphony of Esophagology
~from Information to Knowledge

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