Meeting History

About the Joint Meeting

The Joint Meeting, which has been held every two years since 1986, was initially created to promote friendship and collaboration between Japan and Korea but has now grown to become one of the most important scientific meetings in Asia. For 30 years the meeting has provided an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest developments and techniques in Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

History of the Joint Meeting

No Venue Year President
1st Seoul(Korea) 1986 Kwan Taek NOH
2nd Osaka(Japan) 1988 Yoshiaki NAKAI
3rd Sokcho(Korea) 1990 In Yong PARK
4th Kagoshima(Japan) 1992 Masaru OHYAMA
5th Gyeongju(Korea) 1994 Chang Sup SEONG
6th Morioka(Japan) 1996 Takashi TSUIKI
7th Seoul(Korea) 1998 Chong Sun KIM
8th Kyoto(Japan) 2000 Iwao HONJO
9th Seoul(Korea) 2002 Won Pyo HONG
10th Tokyo(Japan) 2004 Toshiaki YAGI
11th Busan(Korea) 2006 Kyong Myong CHON
12th Nara(Japan) 2008 Hiroshi HOSOI
13th Seoul(Korea) 2010 Joong Saeng CHO
14th Kyoto(Japan) 2012 Yasuo HISA
15th Seoul(Korea) 2014 Sun O CHANG
16th Tokyo(Japan) 2016 Kaoru OGAWA