The 2nd World Congress of Global Scar Society with Scar Academy and Japan Scar Workshop

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How each program will be held / On-demand streaming period

December 19 (Sun.), 2021
* On the day
December 23 (Thu. JST 12:00), 2021 -
January 31 (Mon. JST 12:00), 2022
Planning Program Held on-site On-demand streaming
General Oral Presentation Held on-site On-demand streaming
On-demand video presentation On-demand streaming
*December 19, 2021 (Sun.) - January 31 (Mon. JST 12:00), 2022
  • There will be no live streaming of the program at this conference.
  • The question and answer is not available on the on-demand streaming site. Please be forewarned.

If you are unable to view the on-demand streaming video smoothly

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How to fix

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Precautions for Browsing and Viewing

In order to view and listen to the videos of the lecture programs at The 2nd World Congress of Global Scar Society with Scar Academy and Japan Scar Workshop, please read the "Notes on Viewing Videos" and agree to the "Agreement on Viewing and Listening to Videos" before viewing and listening to the programs.

  • Only registered participants (medical professionals) can view the lecture programs.

1) Notes on viewing and listening to videos

  • You can view and listen to the video of this lecture during the conference.
  • The copyright to the content of this lecture belongs to the speaker.
  • You may view and listen to the lecture only after agreeing to the protection of copyright and portrait rights.

2) Agreement for viewing and listening to the video

  • Do not copy, reproduce, edit, record, record, or reuse the contents of this presentation (including screen shots, photography, downloading, and uploading to other sites) without permission, and do not infringe on copyrights, portrait rights, or other unfair rights.
  • Do not share your login ID and password with others.
  • To compensate for any damage caused by unjustified infringement of rights.
  • You understand and acknowledge in advance that the on-demand streaming at the conference may include the question and answer session of the questioner (face, voice, comments).


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